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The worst "D" Word: Deployment - Ranger View v Spouse View

Spending so much time in Ranger Regiment, with both a husband and a brother-in-law as Rangers I noticed a very distinct trend:  Rangers view deployment very differently than their spouses do.

My husband once told me that he would rather deploy than go TDY (temporary duty station like a school or work assignment that is not long enough to be a PCS- permanent change of station).  His reasoning was simple:  "If I'm going to be taken away from my family I want it to REALLY matter".  As a wife, I feel the opposite; if my husband has to be away from the family I'd rather him be CONUS at an Army continuing education school, training exercise, or other duty trip than deployed and in the thick of it.  

I sleep best at night when he is home, but I sleep better at night when he is on American soil.  I know I am not alone in these feelings.

Ultimately, I will support my soldier.  My heart is where he is, and whether that is Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Jump Master school, or CONUS - helping another Battalion.  

I married the man I love and one of the things I love most about him is his dedication to serving our great nation.  His commitment to our Freedom, and his absolutely bravery.

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