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Care Instructions

Because we spent countless hours on each design and we make each piece by hand we feel invested in not just you loving your item, but even more-so you loving your item for a LONG time.

Here are some do's and don'ts for caring for your Ranger Wife clothing item.


Note:  Every shirt has been washed to prevent shrinkage, so you do not need to wash it when you first get it.  

1) Turn the item inside out to wash it and to dry it.  This helps preserve the image - I do this with all my shirts with designs and my jeans to preserve their color and image integrity.

2) Wash with LIKE colors. Wash COLD or Tap COLD

3) Tumble Dry low - Remove from dryer at end of cycle 

4) NO IRON.  IF YOU IGNORE EVERYTHING ELSE - whatever- but PLEASE DO NOT IRON IT.  Want to get the wrinkles out?  Tumble dry low/ medium, but please don't iron it.


Jackets/ Bags, etc: 

Please follow the care instructions attached to the item.  Contact us with ANY questions.

God Bless & RLTW,
David & Tiffany
Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Please email us at Tiffany@rangerwife.com & David@taskforceranger.com